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What to Expect

At Community Acupuncture Albuquerque, we treat clients fully clothed in reclining chairs, using mostly points on the arms, legs and head. It is good to wear clothes that are loose and come above your elbows and knees easily. Wear layers because even though the temperature is set at 78 degrees in the Summer and 75 degrees in the winter, sometimes you can feel cooler as you lie there. You can bring a light blankets or pillow with you if you like. We do have lumbar pillows on hand. There are two HEPA filters running at all times, and the chairs are covered with exam table paper.

We use around 10-15 extremely fine acupuncture needles which are about the thickness of a hair and are placed at specific points on the acupuncture pathways known as channels or meridians. When the needles are inserted you may feel nothing at all or you may feel some warmth, tingling, traveling or swelling sensations. You will generally start to feel relaxed and may even have a short nap. Once you wake up or start to feel restless, you can ask us to remove your needles. People generally stay between 30 - 45 minutes. Allow yourself at least an hour from start to finish for a treatment. First time appointments require a few more minutes for paperwork and getting oriented to the clinic. You may find the treatment very relaxing.

Community Acupuncture Albuquerque What to Expect What to Expect Community Acupuncture Albuquerque

Cold and Flu Policy

Unfortunately due to the coronavirus pandemic, we ask that you don't come to the clinic if you have a cold or flu or any covid symptoms.

Animal Policy

We have a zero animal policy, including service dogs. We have staff and patients who have problems with animals. Please leave your animals at home or in the care of someone else for the duration of your visit.

Wheelchair Policy

Our clinic and restroom is wheelchair accessible and we welcome people with mobility difficulties.

Please look at the chairs on our website and determine if you will be able to make the transfers by yourself ok. If not, please bring someone to help you with the transfers, as staff are not permitted to help. We can provide a fold-up chair near your chair for support with transfers.

If you require any help at all (with doors, a chair, or moving your walker or wheelchair out of the way during your treatment), or with the check-in procedure, or booking, please bring someone with you who can help and then leave once you are comfortable. They can come back in 45 mins to help you up again.

Special considerations during the coronavirus pandemic

Our clinic has reopened following all the guidelines of the NM Governor's Medical Advisory Team and the Department of Health. We expect our patients to show immunity by vaccination or recent covid infection (after 12/15/21) and to follow the NM Dept of Health guidelines regarding exposures, covid symptoms, and travel. Please see for up-to-date guidelines. On booking and entering the clinic we will screen for COVID symptoms and risks.

Can I come if I go to church or meditation groups?

So long as your church or group follows all the public health orders as put out by the Governor's office or the Dept of Health, then you are welcome to come to the clinic.

2509 Vermont St NE, Suite A2; Albuquerque, NM 87110

505 266 2606 –